Tuesday, 5 February 2019

About me 2019

Malo Lelei and welcome to my blog im a year 6 at pt England school. My name is Sione and im a year 6 and my Teachers miss parrant My favourite food is chicken and chips and i like writing i enjoy playing with my friends.. I play rugby for Ellerslie eagle. at the weekend i went to Rotorua for my Cousin Auckland Touch training and for his game.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018


                                                                   hi this is my pottery did i did for this term

Hi this is my art for this term

Monday, 19 November 2018

Term 4 Animation voice over

PLAN-Just write some keywords to help when you write your sentences Introduce your animation (this doesn’t need to be long):
What are we learning about this term? (Inquiry topic + animation task) Te Wa Toi, Cave art
What materials may have been used once upon a time to create cave art? Paint, Your narrative:

Characters? Siua, Maui, Austin, Mohamed, John.
Te Fiti - The Shark
Setting? On an island in the middle of the sea
Problem? The shark keeps eating the people that are fishing
Solution? Siua, Maui, Austin, Mohamed, and John kill Te fiti.
Summary/ Conclusion - Thank your audience and ask for a comment to be left on your blog.

Hi my name is Sione. The topic for this term is Te Wa Toi. This is my cave art animation.

Long ago, there was a tribe of people that lived on a island in the middle of the sea called Tonga.
The tribe liked to fish in their vaka for their food. Then people from the tribe started to disappear. The story was that the shark, Te Fiti was eating them. Only the most mighty and cunning warriors could hunt Te Fiti. The warriors set out to hunt Te Fiti down and kill him, and they did.

Thanks for watching my animation, please leave a positive comment on my blog.

Friday, 16 November 2018

That Really Stinks

That Really Stinks

WALT identify the characters, setting and problem in a narrative story.

WALT write an engaging solution to the problem in a narrative story.

Watch the story starter for the story, That Really Stinks.

Plan for your writing:

Characters: Sam, Sam’s sister, the monster, the crocodile

Setting: the monster’s cave, the bathroom, the sewer

Problem: the monster stole Sam’s sisters phone

Write the ending for the story.

Sam was following the monster. Then when they went into the monsters cave and Sam saw 5 monsters in there. And then the monster was holding the phone. Sam was thinking of a plan to get his sister’s phone and then Sam had a plan to get his sister’s phone and then the monster said to his family look i found a phone and went the monster tab the phone he broke the phone so Sam went and hid behind the rock and then Sam went to get his sister’s phone but the monster already broke the phone so he went back and bay a new phone for his sister so he went with his dad to get his sister’s phone went they got back his sister was looking for Sam so she can get his phone back.